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“Dog eat dog” business practices continue in the Sosua – Cabarete area

Maybe it’s a sign of the economic hardship in the Sosua – Cabarete area and the fact that the corruption still continues, so the “Dog eat Dog” mentality in business seem more prevalent here than ever before.

Be very wary of who you do business with or who you chose as your subcontractors (and especially partnerships), as many business people will lie, cheat, waste your time and let you down. Many strengths that usually makes us class someone as a professional seem to be missing both with the business owners, and their staff in this region.

Some of these pathetic behaviors are:
* Not being at their shops during opening hours * Uncontactable by phone (75% of businesses don’t even answer their phones) * Promising the world but delivering either nothing or poor quality services or products * Taking 50% deposits and disappearing without doing anything for it * Promising payments or delivery and never turning up or they go back on their words * Using your deposit money to satisfy another clients order, as he’s now swinging the biggest stick * Failing to deliver the service, but still expecting full payment (I.e. Power, internet etc…) * Making you drive a long distance and not turning up for the meeting themselves * Framing you for their own short comings * Stealing from the boss * Making you feel guilty for expecting efficient service * Not serving people in the order they came into the business or trying to serve 5 clients at once while saying “one moment” when you push to be served * Making up lies like “Come on Thursday instead, and I’ll pay you” only to be messed around again with no payment on the Thursday!

and the list goes on and on…

The general attitude seems to be “I’m being messed around by my clients and prospects, so I’m going to mess all my clients, suppliers and sales reps around too” – how sick!

The result of this “General mentality” by many hypocritical business people is that you’ll not find hardly anyone who’s actually successful in this region. Most businesses are just surviving and many are on the way out. Unless the business people and politicians here wake up, then this place will only progress at the speed that some fresh “dreamers” bring a little cash to the North Coast, which will leave this area even further behind the eight ball than it already is.

“Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to yourself!”

Source: NPN

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