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On the North Coast most business owners are experiencing tough times due to a heavy lack in both tourists and investors.

Most of this has been caused by corrupt politicians and government. However millions of dollars of business and market growth is also lost because of irresponsible or corrupt business practices amongst businesses.

Usually when things get tough, this is when people’s true characters start shining through, and logically it’s when things get tough that people should be most helpful towards each other. Remember businesses irregardless of size, are always a reflection of those who run them.

It seems that especially on the North Coast there’s a lot of suppliers, sales people, businessesĀ and customers who are being messed around, let down and ripped off. The old saying “treat others the same way you would like to be treated yourself!” seems to be forgotten by many. Many set appointments with others and don’t turn up themselves, only wasting the other party’s time, energy and petrol, or they make promises of buying and then go back on their word, or they play mind games by not answering their phones, only to leave other business people waste their time chasing them only to lie and make pathetic excuses when they are finally caught up with.

Then we have the low lives who sign contracts but don’t honor them (often after having received a deposit which seemed to be all they were after in the 1′st place, yet with no intentions of delivering what they had promised). These pathetic and lazy characters seem to have found a way to justify treating others like crap in order to desperately keep their twisted ego’s intact or to keep the next angry client from suing them.

Part of becoming successful in business is to find good staff, good suppliers and then deal with them and your customers with full commitment and integrity. Unfortunately here on the North Coast there seems to be a heavy lack of responsibility and consequences enforced on disrespectful traders.

Solution: Once you notice a “Tip of the iceberg” in terms of illogical behavior with another business person, then challenge them instantly – if you then hear lame excuses, then reject them! “Hang around dogs – you get fleas!”. If you’ve already been ripped off by a shady character or company, then hit them hard legally straight away, using a reputable lawyer. “Expect no mercy – have no mercy!”
“You can always tell the character of person by how they treat those who can do nothing for them or too them!”

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