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Many Amet Officers Found Discriminating Drivers!

Many residents are sick of being pulled over by Amet for petty stuff and often extorted for money for petty stuff like a broken light bulb in your nearly new or intact vehicle? And while you are being forced to park at the roadside (or to have your car repossessed because you left a licence at home), you notice that countless of locals keep driving straight past in rusty taxis, vans, trucks and pick-up’s without any problems from Amet officers – do they even have a licence or registration? Then you get the stupid Gringo who justifies buying their his way out by saying “just keep paying these guys some money now and then and then they’ll leave you alone” – well hang on! If you have to stop and pay them “un-earned” money sometimes anyway, then you would be better of fighting for your rights and not selling of yourself respect wouldn’t you?

Solution: Whenever possible don’t pay them! If you pay them, then the state will never want to change anything, and they will keep justifying low wages, poor recruitment, and they’ll see no need for education and the leadership will continue to suck within their forces. Just like buying a blood diamond, if you buy it, you’ll help keep the evil wheel turning!

Amet Taking Cars / Fines Based On Race

The same goes with getting your vehicle back from Amet when they have often discriminatively taken it. Here racism even kicks in. In a recent situation a Spanish speaking person was helping a gringo get his vehicle released at the lowest cost possible by making a phone call to the boss of Amet, after which the Amet boss asked – “is he Gringo or Dominican”, and the friend then had to disclose the owner of the vehicle was a Gringo, and the Amet boss then said “well if he was Dominican, I would just release it, but since he’s Gringo I’ll have to charge him”

Solution: All streets should be marked and sign posted clearly, and their should be no discrimination (Currently the rust buckets are left alone, and cars of value are towed!!). 1’st time warning slips should be placed under people’s wipers, warning them of why they are parked in a prohibited zone and that next time your car will be towed! (Except where a vehicle is blocking an entrance, a delivery point or traffic from moving – in these situations, vehicles should be towed instantly). Fines should be set to just cover costs and descent wages, where currently taking people’s vehicles and motor bikes is looked at like a business not a the true function it should have “creating order in society”. Honest skilled leaders should be appointed, who should roll their sleeves up and educate the ranks in the field on how to make good decisions based on fairness, logic and flexibility. Part of Amets job should be to educate motorists through giving logical reasons and to build respectful relationships with them.

Seatbelts & Cell Phones – Self Ownership?

Also having a law forcing people to drive with seat belts and not to use their cell phones, is just another one of the states lame attempts to nanny people to through force and to collect money for the state, rather than educating people properly as to why it’s smart to wear seat belts and to keep their eyes on the road if using their cell, and how it could cost them or others lives if they are not aware of their surroundings. In other words, policing should be all about helping people to grow smarter and more aware, rather than try to bully us all into submission and poverty through greedy fines and use of force! However as long as we let greedy, selfish people rule our lives, then the current bitter cycle will continue.

Harassment and Fines For Not Wearing Helmets

It’s absolutely ridiculous to watch the inconsistent helmet crackdown campaigns, where Amet forces motorbike owners to hand over their bikes, then piling them together on a truck, after which they take them far away, so they can extort money out of these individuals for releasing them again. Most of the bikes belong to very low income motoconcho drivers, who struggle to get enough money together for a meal for the family that day!Solution: Each driver should have the right to drive freely, and to be treated as an responsible adult for his or her own actions, so long as they are not being a nuisance to, or putting other peoples/drivers in danger – only then should officers of the state interfere. Let’s not create another Nanny/Police State like what’s happened in most other country’s on this planet (which most of us got sick of living in).

The big picture – Government Is At Fault!

Government and their various uniformed troops only productive function in a healthy and thriving society, is to ensure that people are not annoying, harassing or robbing each other. They should aim to always be the respected peace keepers working for us! – not uniformed harassers, bullies and thieves who we need to fear! All laws should support those ethics. However as the saying goes “If the fish stinks, it stinks from the head down!” – so this has to be fixed from the top down in order to work down through all ranks and for it to work long-term. Also, if the Dominican Government wants international people living here, then it’s only going to function properly, if they appoint/mix street smart foreigners into each department to help bring a balanced perspective and knowledge, to the running of the country.

“A government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.” - Ayn Rand.

Source: NPN

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