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60-70% of Drivers refuse to lower their high beam at night! Big Ego’s or Ignorance?

I have driven at night in many countries, yet I have never experienced any other country on the planet where such a large majority of drivers refuse to lower their high beams at night time (both Dominicans and foreigners). You initially start flicking your lights to indicate “Hey there, you’re blinding me!” yet nothing happens, so then we flick our high beam on in hope that this will make him/her lower their high beam, yet they still don’t respond! Oh, and then we get their high beam from them when we are in front of them too – what the heck is this! Is this behavior because of plain stupidity, Big ego’s, disrespect, ignorance or revenge of how bad these drivers feel about their fellow man in society? Whichever it is, it’s putting everyone else’s lives in danger, as when we’re blinded from their lights, then we can’t see the road, or the motorbike drivers who pedal along in the middle of the road with 3-5 people on a bike with no lights. If we end up accidentally hitting these guys, then their family’s will be totally irresponsible and try to sue us for our last penny.

Solution: Well – that’s a tough one. Only three words come to mind “Education” – “Discipline” and “Consequence”. Amet, in a perfect situation, should be clamping down on this, but they have normally gone home and are now watching TV when the dark sets in. In a society where “Consequence” is not being actioned consistently for disrespectful behavior, this crap will just continue!
If you have any bright solutions or comments on this topic, then let’s hear them.

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  1. swooperman

    The police for the most part are corrupt and lazy and are not in the slightest bit interested in enforcing traffic laws to protect the population. They are under paid. They don’t even get money for gasoline. I can’t speak for the whole country but here in Sosua they are a joke. The police discriminate and take bribes from anyone willing to pay. At first expats think well this is not so bad. Where else can you buy the cops off for $15.00 on a traffic violation. But after living here for a few years and seeing how they exploit poor Moto-Conchos and prostitutes this initial first impression quickly turns to revulsion. Nobody with money goes to jail in this country. But the weather is great! It is a sunny place for shady people. If only the Dominican police could embrace the concept of integrity it truly would be paradise. If anyone would like to argue with what I am saying here I would love to debate with them siting examples. I really do wish I could be proven wrong. Having said this, I must say that I do personally know wonderful honest Dominican People that don’t deserve this kind of criticism. I just wish they were police officers. But they could never pass the corruption test.

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